The Board of Directors is composed of 9 members who serve for a three-year term of office with three members rotating out each year. Board meetings are held monthly on the second Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. till approximately 11:30 or 12:00.

Board members are expected to attend all fund-raising events for the office whenever possible. For the past several years, board members have hosted a party for the office volunteers. Every two years, the board members visit all the groups served by the office. If you have an interest in serving as a board member download application from this link -> download application.

Board positions are as follows:

1) President

Chairs monthly board meetings and prepares the agenda for the meetings. The President is a member of the executive committee, which is called on in case a decision is necessary between board meetings.

2) Vice-President

Performs duties of the president when the President is absent.

3) Secretary

Takes minutes of board meetings and sees that the board members and the office get a copy of the minutes. After the minutes are corrected and approved, the Secretary sees that the office has a good file copy. The Secretary is a member of the executive committee.

4) Treasurer

Pays the office bills on a timely basis, reconciles the bank statement, keeps the check book up to date by communicating with the office staff regarding deposits made. Provides information to the bookkeeper so the monthly financial statements can be made in time for the board meetings. The Treasurer is a member of the executive committee.

5) Happenings Coordinator

Cooperates with the office staff to prepare the quarterly
"Happenings" in time for distribution at the quarterly ISR meetings.

6) Alt. Secretary

Performs the duties of the secretary in the Secretary's absence and is also responsible for archiving office documents.

7) Area Liaison

Attends quarterly Area World Service Committee meetings on the Saturday nights before Area Assemblies and attends the Sunday Area Assembly meetings. The expenses are paid by our ISO. A report of the meetings is given at the next board meeting.

8) ISR Liaison

Attends all ISR meetings, bringing current financial statements of the office and informing ISRs of the needs of the office. Brings minutes of the ISR meetings for the board members as well as any feedback from the ISRs.

9) Office Liaison

Contacts office staff prior to monthly board meetings to bring any concerns to the board, takes info from the board back to the office staff. This is the person the staff contacts when they have a problem.